The Children’s Almanac of the Blue Rider


The Blue Rider is the title of a picture painted by the Russian painter Vasili Kandinsky in 1903, but it is also the name of a publication The Blue Rider Almanac, edited by him and by Franz Marc and a veritable manifesto of those artists who formed one of the creative groups of the European avant-garde. Together with them, August Macke was in charge of the ethnographic documentation of the almanac, in which works by the painters Max Pechstein, Alfred Kubin and Henri Le Fauconnier and the composer Arnold Schönberg appeared.

The Almanac of the Blue Rider was published in 1912, the same year as the book Concerning the Spiritual in Art, a reflective text about the act of creation and about the sense of painting.

The First World War (1914-1918) prevented the publication of the second issue of this almanac, but even so it remains one of the decisive texts in artistic thought of the twentieth century.

In homage to all of them, but particularly to the Russian maestro, years later a teacher in the Bauhaus School, this small publishing house is called The Blue Rider and this book, The Children’s Almanac of the Blue Rider.

This almanac is neither a manifesto nor is it a proclamation in the style of these foundational texts of the avant-garde, it is a declaration of intent and a gesture of gratitude to all those who have made it possible. Without the unselfish, disinterested collaboration of all the illustrators who appear here, this inaugural book could not have come into being. Our greatest thanks and respect to all of them. Look at their illustrations as a catalogue, present and future, of our aesthetic intentions.

Other people – writers, translators, literary agents, distributors, booksellers, librarians and editor colleagues, Spanish and foreign – have also shown solidarity in helping us reach this starting point: the birth of a dream, which, perhaps because we dreamt intensely enough has come true, as Ernst Jünger said, and its name is The Blue Rider.

Hurrah, then, for all of them.

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