Ediciones El Jinete Azul is born


The Blue Rider is the title of a picture painted by the Russian painter Vasili Kandinsky in 1903, but it is also the name of a publication The Blue Rider Almanac, edited by him and by Franz Marc and a veritable manifesto of those artists who formed one of the creative groups of the European avant-garde. Together with them, August Macke was in charge of the ethnographic documentation of the almanac, in which works by the painters Max Pechstein, Alfred Kubin and Henri Le Fauconnier and the composer Arnold Schönberg appeared.

In homage to all of them, but particularly to the Russian maestro, years later a teacher in the Bauhaus School, this small publishing house is called El Jinete Azul [The Blue Rider].

The books which will be published with this brand name will also be for children. Michel Tournier said that good literature is literature which the small ones can also understand. Perhaps at this point this is not completely true but the reality is that this company starts out with this intention; it’s more than likely that reality will deal the cards randomly.

Be that as it may, let it be known that that is one of our symbols by which we will be known. And together with it, we have a certain vocation for style – which appears on the way and with practice as the poets have it – in the selection and treatment of the works.

The majority of our books will be produced here in Spain, by those writers and illustrators whose work we identify with and with whom we feel comfortable. On the other hand, we will also publish works previously issued by foreign publishers, but which we consider of interest to Spanish readers, from this side or the other side of the pond which we will bridge with words. Finally, it is also our intention to rediscover classics by writers and illustrators who created these books with or without the intention of being read by a youthful public, because young readers have taken charge of them with the passing of time. Some of them have incomprehensibly never been published before, others already published but not visible at the moment.

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